Monthaven Art and Cultural Center

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center
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Tour Monthaven

Experience the Joy of Art!

Take a tour through Monthaven and immerse yourself in the sheer delight of art. Our gallery is a haven for creative expression, where every brushstroke, sculpture, and installation radiates the joy and passion of artists. Let the vibrant colors, intricate details, and imaginative forms inspire your senses and uplift your spirits. At Monthaven, art isn’t just a sight to behold; it’s a joyful journey waiting to be explored. Come, savor the artistic experience, and let the joy of art fill your heart.

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center stages about a half dozen major art exhibitions a year. Past exhibits have included everything from the ceramic art of Pablo Picasso to the elegant fashion of Princess Diana and the British royal family. 

One of the most rewarding ways to see these exhibitions is through our staff-led and docent-led tours. These tours are available to school groups, senior facilities, and more. 

Admission to our galleries for tour groups is free. The MACC relies on the contributions of its members, donors and friends to provide his gift to the community.

For information, contact Deputy Director Tonya Mirtes at (615) 822-0789 or [email protected]

Witness History told Within Creation!

Embark on an extraordinary journey through time at Monthaven Art Gallery. Our gallery isn’t just a space for art; it’s a captivating window into the past, where history comes alive through the strokes of a brush and the sculptor’s chisel. As you wander our carefully curated collections, you’ll witness history’s rich tapestry told through the eyes of talented artists. Each piece is a chapter, a reflection, and a testament to the moments, movements, and milestones that have shaped our world. From evocative paintings that capture the spirit of bygone eras to contemporary works that challenge the boundaries of artistic expression, at Monthaven, you’ll not only view art but also step into the intricate, beautiful narratives of history itself. Come, explore, and let the art speak to you, whispering the secrets of history’s enduring relevance.

We'd love to see you here! Sign up for a tour below!

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