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Giving back

Donate To Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center

When you donate to Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center, you help support art in our community. Through your generosity, we are able to provide art education classes to children and adults, world-class exhibitions, and free arts outreach and healing arts to underrepresented youth, families and military veterans. Donations are welcome to help us support these worthy initiatives. Thank you!

Why Give? Just Watch!

2023 Annual Report

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) public charity funded by generous individuals, corporations and foundations. We are grateful for everyone’s support.


Annual Fund

Each year, Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center asks everyone to support our Annual Fund so we can continue to provide the highest quality arts education and outreach programming to our community. Whether you are a student, parent, military veteran, event attendee, or lover of art, history and culture, we deeply appreciate your financial support.

Well-Rounded Community

The benefits of the MACC’s programming to our community are significant and wide-ranging: 

  • The arts provide people with a sense of well-being and belonging.
  • Students who study art often have higher GPAs, standardized test scores and lower drop-out rates.
  • Studies have shown that the arts can have healing qualities, leading to better pain management and less medication. The arts can help military veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI to overcome injury and trauma.
  • The arts supply seniors with creative outlets, giving them something to look forward to while enhancing their feelings of accomplishment.

The MACC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, so your generous donations to our Annual Fund are tax-deductible.

Every dollar raised is important and helps the MACC fulfill its mission to provide accessible arts education, outreach and healing arts to the under-resourced in our community.

If you’d like to help support the MACC’s mission, please contact our Development Director Celeste Davidson at (615) 306-4634 or [email protected].

Join Us

Fundraising Events

Moonlight And Magnolias

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center’s goal is to make the arts available to everyone in Sumner County. Moonlight and Magnolias helps make that possible.


Moonlight and Magnolias is the MACC’s premier annual fundraiser. Founded in 2018, this elegant black-tie event brings together many of Sumner County’s most prominent arts patrons for an evening of art, music, fine dining and dancing. MACC Board Director and Founding Member Jeanette Heinz served as Event Chair in 2022. Hallmark Hyundai was the Presenting Sponsor. Jim and Elizabeth Carmody were Events Chairs for our 2023 gala. Cyrus and Daniela Vatandoost, and Keith and Kim Samaroo were event chairs for the 2024 gala.


Each Moonlight and Magnolias highlights a different artist, whose works hang in our galleries. These artists also conduct master classes for our students, and they create a new work for the MACC’s permanent collection. Alexander Renoir, great-grandson of the legendary Impressionist painter, was Moonlight and Magnolias’ inaugural artist in 2018. Other Moonlight and Magnolias artists have included the watercolorist Alan Shuptrine, surrealist painter Mark Kostabi, and Russian icon Stas Namin. The 2024 featured artist was contemporary artist Kre8.


Following a two-year, pandemic-induced hiatus, the Third Annual Moonlight and Magnolias returned in expanded form in 2022. It included a pre-gala event called Magnolias, Moonshine and Motorcars. Held at Cliff Ernst’s classic car showroom in Hendersonville, this terrific evening featured live and silent art auctions, painting-in-motion, cocktails, buffet table, and some indispensable Tennessee moonshine. A pre-gala event will now be a permanent feature of our fundraising weekend. The 2024 pre-gala party was at The Standard in Nashville


We hold our Moonlight and Magnolias fundraisers in April, when the magnolias trees are in full bloom. If you are interested in participating in our 2025 Moonlight and Magnolias, please contact Celeste Davidson at 615-822-0789 or [email protected].

Annual Veterans Fundraiser

Monthaven is steeped in the region’s military history. During the Civil War, the house was converted into a field hospital. Both Union and Confederate soldiers were treated in the home.


Today, Monthaven is a place where members of the armed services and their families are celebrated through the arts. Since 2018, the MACC’s Annual Veterans Art Show has displayed the art of more than 30 military veterans.


The annual exhibit also includes a BBQ & Bourbon Fundraiser to support the MACC’s “Between the Lines” healing arts programs for military veterans. The art of a half-dozen veterans participating in the Between the Lines program was displayed during our 2022 fundraiser.  Marine Corps Sg. Maj. Bradley Kasal was the event’s engaging keynote speaker. Country Music star Eric Lee Beddingfield gave a riveting performance.

Our 2023 Veterans Art Show and Fundraiser featured the photography of legendary Vietnam War Photo Journalist Nick Ut. People interested in supporting the MACC’s Healing Arts Program for veterans should contact Development Director Celeste Davidson at [email protected].

Christmas Tree Elegance

Christmas Tree Elegance is now a Hendersonville tradition. Each winter, the MACC exhibits five 7-foot trees, all donated by Vickerman Trees. These beautiful trees are decorated by local and nationally known designers.


Every tree is embellished to match a particular theme. Finished trees are then sold during a Silent Auction and Reception.

For more information about Christmas Tree Elegance, contact Executive Director Cheryl Strichik at (615) 822-0789 or [email protected].

Giving Back

Mail in donation to:

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center
1017 Antebellum Circle
Hendersonville, TN 37075
(615) 822-0789

Support the arts

Specialty Plates

One of the easiest ways to support the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center is to purchase a Specialty License Plate from the State of Tennessee. You can exchange your current license plate for a Specialty License Plate anytime, and the county clerk will prorate your fees. To show your support for the arts, click on the button below.

Kaylin Warden

External Affairs Coordinator

Kaylin Warden joined the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center staff in 2024 as External Affairs Coordinator. In this post, she organizes special off-site events and manages the organization’s external communications. She also works with the development department by updating the MACC’s customer relations database, and she assists the executive director in setting up exhibitions. Above all else, Kaylin is passionate about the arts. It comes as no surprise, then, that she is now pursuing a master’s degree in art history. When she’s not at the MACC, you can find her reading her favorite books (especially ones dealing with maritime mysteries), cooking, gardening, playing with her cat and two dogs, and cheering for the Nashville Predators.

Ruth Chase

Regional Arts Director
Ruth Chase is the Regional Arts Director of Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center, joining the team in 2023. For Ruth, the job is all about community, bringing people together to uplift and educate artists and art lovers alike. Her role at Monthaven is to strengthen the local artist community and build connections that will enrich Hendersonville and our surrounding communities through art exhibitions, art education, and opportunities for regional artists.
Prior to joining Monthaven, Ruth worked in the arts for over 30 years and is a multimedia artist and graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. Her artistic practice is inquiry-based and engages in community bridge-building. She was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles, curated and juried exhibitions, and has taught at the Crocker Art Museum.
Ruth was awarded an Artist-in-Residence for Artist Activating Communities through a grant from the California Arts Council for three consecutive years. Her film Belonging screened at both the 18th Annual Nevada City Film Festival and Wild & Scenic Film Festival. She has received the Legendary Female Artist of Venice award, and she has exhibited in The Crocker Kingsley, the Museum of Northern California Art, and the Diego Rivera Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute. Ruth also continues her work as a Curatorial Consultant and Art director for the Californian Indigenous Research Project, where she has worked with the local tribe since 2018.