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The MACC presents between six and eight local, regional and international exhibitions every year. Check them out.

Paintings by Ralph J. McDonald

Magic of Santa

The MACC rings in the holidays with some of renowned Tennessee artist Ralph J. McDonald’s paintings of Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

McDonald was already a renowned wildlife artist before he created his first Santa Claus painting. That work, titled “A Christmas Party,” was inspired by a trip through Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains on a snowy winter day. It was painted in the tradition of Santa painters he most admired, such as Haddon Sundblom, Norman Rockwell and N.C. Wyeth.

These enchanting paintings are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

For more information, call (615) 822-0789.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center presents some of the world’s greatest art in galleries that are intimate and inviting.  Subscribe to our newsletter and discover the magic that awaits.

Mark Kostabi in Venice

City of Enchantment

City of Enchantment features 40 paintings and drawings by the internationally recognized artist Mark Kostabi, who was one of the key players in New York’s East Village Scene during the 1980s. The exhibition focuses on imagery inspired by the artist’s frequent visits to Venice, Italy, a place overflowing, in Kostabi’s words, with “mystery and sheer beauty.”

As a young artist, Kostabi took his cues from Andy Warhol, whose “Factory” was a prototype for making art according to a business model. Early on, Kostabi developed a practice of employing a team of creative thinkers and skilled technicians to assist him in the production of his art. Kostabi soon established his own style or “brand,” which consists of faceless figures who engage in allegorical or metaphorical narratives.

In this exhibition, Kostabi’s anonymous figures find themselves in Venice, Italy, where they are placed in situations that invite viewers to reflect on a wide range of topics, including art history, music, love and romance, dreams, spirituality, and the endangered environment.
Executed mostly in bright and sometimes psychedelic colors, Kostabi’s paintings possess an aesthetic sensibility that reflects the high-tech domination of the 21st century.

For more information about “City of Enchantment,” please call (615) 822-0789.

Illustrations of Michael J. McBride

Culture, Color and Children

The MACC celebrates Black History with the illustrations of the noted Tennessee artist Michael J. McBride. His exhibition features more than 60 of his illustrations for children’s books. Works in this collection celebrate the Gullah-Geechee language and culture of the Carolinas, and they also pay tribute to the great African-American artist Helen LaFrance. McBride is a master of figurative art. His virtuosity in painting people comes through in his sensitive renderings of a child and his grandmother.

McBride will be on hand for the opening on Feb. 17, 2024 to sign the following books, which include his illustrations: ‘S’ is for Sweetgrass: The ABCs of Gullah-Geechee by Dr. Triba Gray Davis;” She Remembered It All: The Art of Memory Painter Helen LaFrance” by Jayne Moole Waldrop; and Tickle Me Grandma by Delphine Pierce.

For more information about “Color, Culture and Children,” please call (615) 822-0789.

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