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Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center
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Polka Party!

Fall Festival

The sights, sounds and flavors of the Old World are on full display every October at Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center’s annual ArtOberfest.

Fun for everyone

Events For Our Children

One of Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center’s most popular events, ArtOberfest offers arts and crafts for the kids, authentic German food and beer for adults, and great music for everyone. Highlights include the Kids Arts and Crafts Pavilion, where children can engage in such fun activities as pumpkin painting, face painting and more. A storyteller and caricature artist add to the overall festivities. This year's festival on Oct. 14, 2023 attracted visitors from across the region. For more information about ArtOberfest and other events call (615) 822-0789.

The Experience

Enjoy Great Moments

Visitors will surely detect the subtle aroma of the Bavarian countryside. The MACC’s German Food Tent provides various German sausages, Bavarian kraut, purple cabbage, and warm German potato salad. German craft beer, and an assortment of wines, coffees, and various sweets are also available. The Tennessee-based ensemble Polkawagen provides the festival with its groove, playing its unique blend of traditional, old-time, and modern polka music.

Event Album 2023

A collection from our last event.

Join Us

For more information on Artoberfest and upcoming event dates, contact us.

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