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Stas Namin


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Shakers, Breakers and Music Makers

Artist Name

Contemporary Portraits by Stas Namin

Stas Namin is a legend, the one true rock star of Eastern European music and art. Since the 1960s, Stas has experimented with almost every creative medium imaginable, earning him a level of critical and popular acclaim that perhaps no other contemporary Eastern European artist has achieved.

As one of the only musical superstars in all of Eastern Europe, Stas has taken his cultural status seriously and used it to promote freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom from government oppression and the growth of music and art across the continent. It’s no surprise that Stas has often been referred to as “the Bob Dylan of Russia.”

A highly accomplished visual artist, Stas will be the featured artist for the MACC’s Fourth Annual Moonlight & Magnolias. His evocative paintings featuring many of the great rock stars of the 1960s, ‘70s and beyond will be on display in the MACC’s galleries. These same works have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Russia and around the world.

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